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Representing individuals and businesses in connection with bankruptcy filing in Maryland. Cornelius J. Carmody is a bankruptcy attorney with law offices conveniently located just off I-83 on York Rd. Free Parking. Wheelchair accessible.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called a liquidation or straight bankruptcy. This is the most common type of bankruptcy. In most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, the debtor has large credit card debt and other unsecured bills and very few assets.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is generally referred to as individual reorganization. This provides a fair way for people to reorganize their debt into a manageable, monthly payment plan.

As your attorney, I would be able to help you determine if you qualify to file a bankruptcy case, which type of bankruptcy, and guide you through the process. Not all debts can be discharged. Debts such as back child support, alimony, personal injury death caused by driving while intoxicated. After reviewing your case, I can advise you as to which debts can be discharged and which debts can’t be discharged. 

Do you need help with a bankruptcy case? Do you have specific questions regarding your situation? If so, give Cornelius Carmody a call.

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